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A Water Kiosk at School is a project within the International Transformation Foundation (ITF). In 2009, ITF began as a vision of Rwanda-born Venuste Kubwimana. Driven by the will to make a difference in the lives of the youth of Africa, Venuste recruited several others to make this vision a reality. Soon enough, ITF partnered with Join the Pipe Foundation, whose mission is to provide clean and sustainable drinking water sources to deprived communities. Join the Pipe is divided into three sub-projects, one of which is A Water Kiosk at School. This is a primary-school-based project where students manage the business of selling clean tap water to community residents at an affordable price. The kiosk is both an educational and profitable business, teaching students valuable entrepreneurial skills and generating much needed income for schools. The set up the kiosk is funded by donations, and a portion of the kiosk's income is both redeployed to a neighboring school and used for activities such as buying toilet paper, maintaining the kiosk, and improving the quality of sanitation and education. 

A Water Kiosk at School provides the entire community with clean drinking water, eliminating dependency on a third party to maintain the system. This project tackles several issues facing the residents, including: youth unemployment post schooling from lack of business knowledge, academic absenteeism, inaccessibility to clean drinking water, water-born illness exposure, and economic instability, among other problems. With the work from A Water Kiosk at School, students no longer have to leave class to travel far distances in order to collect water from a remote well or river water source several times a day. The entire community benefits from this convenient, safe kiosk.



A Water Kiosk at School aims to serve and empower the youth of Africa through business experience by providing rural communities with access to affordable, clean drinking water.

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